The student home page opens following login. The navigational buttons, tabs, and links on the upper half of the page are available to students on all LEAD21 student pages (1-3). The tabs and the eTools21 Update box in the lower half of the page are specific to the home page (4 & 5).

Image 1: The home page for grades 2-5

- Students click the yellow buttons along the side of the screen (1) to navigate to each section of LEAD21.

- Students click the numbers at the top of their screen (2) to view resources for upcoming and previous units. For details about restricting student access to specific units, refer to the Options section.

-Students click the My Inquiry Group or the My Reading Group tabs under their name (Figure 3, Image 2) to expand a list of all students in their assigned groups.

Image 2: The opened "My Reading Group" tab

Students re-click the tabs to collapse. The My Reading Group and My Inquiry tabs do not appear on the screen for students not assigned to a reading or Inquiry group.

My eBook Online Coach tab (Image 1, Figure 4)

The My eBook Online Coach tab (4) displays all eBook resources for the student's selected unit, and set reading level. Students are set to the benchmark reading level until they are assigned to a differentiated reading group. Students click icons in the My eBook Online Coach tab to open the resource in a new page or window (6).

Image 3: The "My eBook Online Coach" and "My ePractice" tab resources

ePractice tab (Image 4, Figure 8)

Students click the My ePractice tab (8) to view the activities and games for their selected unit and differentiated level. Students click an ePractice resource icon to open the resource in a new window (7). Each activity opens with directions.

eTools21 Updates (Figures 5 & 9)

The bottom right corner of the home page (5 & 9) displays all eTools21 updates within the past twenty-four hours for the student's registered class group. When students click the Show links, the update(s) expand (9). Students can then click READ NOW to access the updated eTools21.

Image 4: Student home page with opened ePractice tab

Students click the Read Now link next to an expanded update to open the eTools21 page with the update, or the Hide link to collapse the update details. The eTools21 updates feed is not in real time and only updates when the homepage is refreshed.

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